About Us

Theta Tau  is an engineering fraternity.  The goals of the fraternity are to promote the social and professional development of its members during and after their college years. Today, Theta Tau is the oldest and largest professional engineering fraternity in the United States, with a diverse membership of men studying engineering at more than 40 campuses. It was founded in 1904 by four engineering students at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Fraternity was founded as the “Society of Hammer and Tongs” on October 15, 1904, by Erich J. Schrader, Elwin L. Vinal, William M. Lewis, and Isaac B. Hanks. The name was changed to Theta Tau at the fraternity’s first national convention at the University of Minnesota in 1911. Since then, approximately 30,000 members have been initiated.


We forge lifelong bonds of fraternal friendship, a journey that develops and delivers a network of lasting personal and professional relationships.  We foster an inviting, safe, and social environment in which our members become lifelong friends.

We develop and nurture engineers with strong communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and leadership skills that we demonstrate in our profession, our community, and in our lives.

We are known for our service to our college, university and the larger community.  Our service projects create a unifying environment for learning and personal growth for our members.